Another Random Weekend – 3

Then as the cafe was closing, we left and walked through Duxton road. And I saw a book shop I had read about on the blog – Littered With Books.

It was again housed in those charming shop houses and I loved how they had filled it with books. The people there were very friendly too. Helps that this store is near the offices and touristy streets. I lied how they had added personal touches by writing tiny notes about the books and putting it on the shelves. This is more of a browsing book store and the books are placed in categories but I am not sure how I will find a book in particular. You go through all the books? Or ask the people there to help you I guess.

It was a nice cozily decorated place. There were 2 kids screaming and running about. I wish their parents had told them to be quiet.

As I am not the picture taking kind, you can view more pictures from this post 🙂 – Post

And then though I like book stores, I prefer cafes. Also,  I do not want to buy physical books. I either borrow them from library or use ebooks because I do not want to accumulate stuff and it is not fun lugging 20kg of books when you are shifting.

The walk along Duxton hill road is quite good – Post

Then we went from the book shop to Queenstown library. The library seems like it is in middle of nowhere with ope spaces all around, which I am sure will be taken over by flats and malls pretty soon.

They had a nice small exhibition with old photos of that area inside the library. I found it quite interesting.

photo_4 (2)

This is one of the libraries I like because it is cozy though too cold as always like all buildings here. I wonder where in the world, do they get so much energy to waste without a conscience.

Anyway, spent so much time browsing through books till the library closing time.

End of Saturday.


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