Another Random Weekend – 2

I craved a coffee. So we decided to go to one of the cafe’s I had made a list of to visit.  There were 2 nice cafe’s few train stops away and as Uncle is currently very technologically updated 🙂 , we could check out the cafe’s opening hours and how to walk there.

We went to Craig road after  I read recommendations about the place on Singapore Actually. There were 2 cafe’s  to try out: Selfish Gene and The Plain. We decided to go to The Plain as it was open till 7.30 PM while The Selfish Gene was closing at 6.00 PM and it was already 5.15 PM by the time we got there.

We passed by the Selfish Gene and went to The Plain. The Plain I felt was more for teens and the place was full of teens. It was crowded and noisy with loud music.  Pass. I could tell, it was not a typical Singaporean place. The teenage girl was quite friendly and it seemed like a place with good service. Walk back to Selfish Gene.

Selfish Gene Cafe

For starters I like the name. Very sciency.


Ambience: Very good. I liked it. It was like a western cafe. Simple decor, cosy and nice. I liked the fact that it was quieter and had more adults. The cafe was in one of those renovated shop houses and it reminded me of my grandfather’s house. I just love these kind of old houses.

Food: We ordered 2 coffees – Cafe latte and mocha and a chocolate brownie. It was pretty good The brownie was good too.




Service: The people there were very nice and friendly and smiling. You don’t get that kind of service in Singapore everywhere and I could see, it was definitely run by someone of the current generation and had been abroad. Well trained person.

Value: Quite good I would say for the coffee but then I have not eaten any meal there.

Overall a place I would definitely visit again.

The post that led me to visit this cafe.

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