Another Random Weekend – 1

What happened on Saturday, 8 December 2012…

Uncle and I felt we should try something new in Singapore.  Try some different place to eat and walk about. So the adventurers set upon their adventure (not exactly ha ha).

Weather: Gonna rain soon and heavily kind of weather. Not as hot (as usual).

Venue: Cafe Salivation

We thought we could try that place as the menu looks good and I had recently got their membership card which gave me 5% discount. I have eaten there like 2 times before. They serve western vegetarian food with an Indian twist. Also  they had recently relocated to a new  place. We went to lunch @ 4 PM. Good thing, they still serve food. Some places do not serve food and close between 3-6 PM. The decor and the furniture  are almost the same.

Food: We ordered

  • Soup of the Day – Broccoli soup – Not great, not bad – It was corn flour soup with added broccoli, not broccoli soup per se.
  • Lasagna with Soya Mince & Spinach – Was quite good but I wish they had put in less soy mince. I felt he soy mince overpowered the lasagna and could not finish it. Nice and spicy.
  • Spinach & Cottage Cheese Enchilada – Was quite good.

Experience: There was only one other couple on a date on the other table, which is good. It was fun watching them. An Indian guy and an east Asianwere on some random first date (I think) and I felt he was trying too hard and she did not seem impressed. I kind of do not like it when some people go out of their way to make other feel welcome but the other person is cold and unresponsive.  I would probably have said, pay for your coffee and not wasted my time.

The only waitress in the restaurant was a middle aged Indian lady who kept walking up and down the restaurant with her hands at the back (like a school teacher as uncle put it) and it is not too pleasant when someone is walking around like that when you are eating. Not like the place is too big. And she didn’t smile. So, guess that was the awkward part of eating.

Other than that it was pretty okay.

Value: Not so good. I wish it were cheaper coz I felt it was too expensive compared to the portion sizes they gave us.

And you know what? –  I got a 5$ voucher yesterday after we had gone there last Saturday  Unfortunately the voucher is valid only in December and I do not thing I will be making trips there anytime soon.  Would have been good if it had come last week.

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