Empowering Sex Workers

It is nice to read articles like this about sex worker’s empowerment in India: article

Sangram is working on women’s empowerment and looking at HIV/AIDS in a rural context by working with prostitutes.

From the article:

If I’d been married, I would have been HIV positive by now,” says one of Vamp’s stalwarts, Shabana, reflecting that married women are far more vulnerable than she is as a sex worker, unable to insist on condoms with their husbands as she does with her clients. And her face breaks into a smile as she describes the life she leads: the freedoms she enjoys, her choice of clients, and the autonomy and empowerment she has. “I’m as free as a bird,” she says.

Vamp members don’t want to be “saved” by foreign organisations; they want to be respected as human beings. 

On the other hand we read stories of how women have no rights over their bodies. Over their lives.

The pan India survey of sex workers  shows that most of the sex workers went into the profession by choice mainly due to economic reasons rather than the image that is portrayed in our society – No woman wants to be a sex worker unless she has been raped or tricked into it and there is no choice because women are asexual.

Isn’t it high time that India legalized sex workers so that they need not be exploited by corrupt police men and monitor them for STD’s as making prostitutes illegal does not in any way make them disappear from India?

This again leads to working on the mindset – treating women as people and healthy attitudes towards sex.


2 thoughts on “Empowering Sex Workers

    1. Hmm I read those articles. She has raised certain points. So assuming she is correct, sex workers are not illegal.

      But I do not agree with her completely. She projects an extreme case of no woman ever wanting to become a prostitute. But there are people who do.


      Also, this entire system is a result of demonizing sex and making it inaccessible to lot of population. If the shame, guilt and secrecy surrounding sexuality was removed, there would be much healthier attitudes and sex workers would not feel ashamed/ feel they do not want to do it.

      Apart from poverty of course.

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