A Short Haircut

Recently I cut my hair pretty short like this.

I had wanted to cut it very short for a very long time. The reactions to my hair cut amuse me.

  • Most Indians could not get over the fact that I cut my hair that short and were not too positive about it (aren’t girls of marriageable age meant to keep their hair long?). Their first comments were that I look like a boy.
  • Many east Asians were surprised because they said they never see an Indian girl cut her hair that short.
  • Rest of the reactions were mostly positive.
  • The most amusing thing is so many people look right at me and do not recognize me. I ran into an acquaintance yesterday, we were both waiting for the lift and she did not realize it was me even after I spoke to her.
  • I personally love this hair cut. It is liberating in many ways. It is like having a new identity altogether. Like shedding all the cultural burden right off  by cutting your hair.  Like cutting out all the shallow relationships away. And considering how frizzy my hair is in this weather, short hair is so much more manageable.

3 thoughts on “A Short Haircut

  1. I so hear you! I really don’t get the ‘you look like a boy’ reaction when a woman cuts her hair short considering that till a little while back, men were wearing their hair long too. 🙂
    I have never cut my hair this short yet.

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