The story of my water bottles

I almost always carry a water bottle when I go out as

1. I need a lot of water. I am irritable if I have not had water from some time!

2. Water is not available everywhere

3. It can be expensive to buy water

4. I do not want to drink sugary drinks instead of water

5. It is environment unfriendly to buy so many plastic water bottles

When I was young, I remember having a huge collection of plastic water bottles in different shapes like robot, military tanks with straps. We had many and used very few.

Something like this but not this one!

By the time I was in high school and in college,  I was using those plastic plain water bottles or recycling those  empty soft drinks bottles.

I had a brown rectangular one  in high school. Then something like this

Then I got an aluminium blue water bottle from my family and I was using it for another period of time.

It has a loop in the bottle cap to hold it using your finger. One day, I was holding it that way and this water bottle full of water fell straight on my foot. It hurt. Hunt on for a new bottle.

I was not into plastic water bottles anymore, because of pollution as well as all the chemicals that leached into my water. I looked around for steel water bottles because they are so much more sturdy than aluminium ones and discovered Klean Kanteen. I got this on my birthday for myself 2.5 years ago.

64oz Wide Bottle

Yup, 1.8 L and not those screw caps. This seemed sturdier and a wide mouth for easier cleaning. At that time there was only one shop that sold Klean Kanteen in Singapore and I traveled for over an hour to get there and buy it from Kool Depot.

2L is too much to carry right? Though I did carry it while travelling. If I was in uni, I had a water bottle at my desk which I used if I was going somewhere in the evening. This was poorly designed, so mostly  I used it like a steel glass for drinking as I usually had access to water filters. So, I barely used my large bottle.

One day The Uncle found another 0.8L Klean Kanteen bottle in the university. He took it and cleaned it very well ( it was full of some tea which had rotten for days and smelled bad) and decided to use it. But then, he is not a water bottle carrying kind of person. And it comes to me 🙂

27oz Klean Kanteen Bottle
This is the exact one I have now. The colour is more orange though

I use both of my water bottles at home now to store water in my room and take them out if  I need.

Lately, I had been feeling the need to carry a light small water bottle in my bag for small trips outside and did not find anything suitable.

Uncle had bought an insulated bottle but  it is heavy because it is insulated. I do not need insulated 99% of the time. So, I never borrowed it.

Product Preview
Exactly this

Thought I would use a plastic bottle because it is the smallest and the lightest. An acquaintance bought me this because they were also using plastic water bottles.

Buy Lock & Lock 300 ml Water Bottle: Water Bottle
I had this one ditto

I used it for 2 weeks but then I remembered why I do not use plastic water bottles anymore  and mainly because the bottle smelled weird and I did not like it. I threw it away in less than 2 weeks.

Then I bought this cute little 300 mL bottle recently and it is always in my bag now – empty or full 🙂

12oz Klean Kanteen Water Bottle
My bottle cap is black though

That is my water bottle story.

I often wonder, when we use so much of steel utensils in India, why in the world can we not find steel water bottles in India? – They are nice, sturdy, last long and  environment friendly.

So what are the steel water bottle brands I know?

Klean Kanteen – Not recommended for school kids though unless they are careful. You will get heart broken every time they lose one because they are expensive. My personal favorite for their range and quality.

Bros water bottles – Decently priced. They have both aluminum and steel bottles but a limited range.

Sigg – Pretty famous and well known more for aluminium bottles and they do not have a good selection of steel water bottles which are the best. I never had one though they do have good designs. And then aluminium water bottles may be lined with BPA which is not good. They are expensive and I would rather pay more for steel than aluminium.

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