Letter from the president’s wife

I got this email at my workplace email address and it cracked me up. It is spam an I could not imagine who would fall for this. I even checked up and Asma is indeed the Syrian president’s wife. At least factually correct 🙂



I will like to formally introduce myself, I am Mrs. Asma al-Assad, First Lady of Syria which is the wife of Syria President Bashar al Assad.I have a Profitable business transaction for you which involves transfer of funds,Please if interested do contact me via email for more details on this transaction but if this does not suit your business ethics, kindly delete this e-mail as I will gladly appreciate.


Mrs. Asma al-Assad”


2 thoughts on “Letter from the president’s wife

  1. I too have received more than one such emails from some very rich people in far away lands, looking to transfer their wealth in my name 😀 I am sure these emails could lead to major stealing of personal and bank accounts information, if we respond to them.

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