Swear words

Ever wondered why so many swear words involve body parts or natural actions or negative connotations of sexuality? Like

Fuck   Shit   Ass   Asshole / gaand  Screwed   Chutiya / Cunt   Slut   Bitch   Bastard

You get the drift. So does using this mean we have negative images of our bodies, even subconsciously? In most known history of the world, sexuality  has been vilified anyway which I think lead to vilification of anything down there. Now we have negative body images apart from negative sexuality. Hmm, we shouldn’t  inundating ourselves with negative body/sexual words that we start thinking sub consciously that our bodies are useless or bad. And that is why I do not want to put in A@#*@@## or anything. Everyone has an asshole. Why pretend that substituting with symbols actually changes your asshole or shit coming out of it. Our bodies are actually such amazing things!


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