Violence in our daily speech

I have  been thinking about this for quite some time. I think, violence is too ingrained into our speech and thus it seems acceptable to be violent. I have become acutely aware of this especially when I interact with foreigners and they rarely use the kind of words we use, even if we are very close.

For example, have you noticed how frequently many people use these kind of phrases so casually, among friends, colleagues, family for daily conversations, for having an opposing view etc. ?

– I’ll hit you with my slipper/footwear (very common in Tamil – serupala adichena)

– I’ll kick you (again I have heard it so many times in Tamil – Odachena)

– Stop it (teasing me)  or I will punch you/ hit you and I see many people actually hitting you/pushing you (albeit gently according to some when somebody is teasing them)

– I will slap you or hit you (In hindi, ek doonga tuje or pakadke marengey)

I even remember, a classmate of mine smacking me on my head for something unnecessary and  I got so angry  and he did not even think something was wrong. When I watch Indian movies ( Hindi, Tamil, Telugu), I can see that violence is glorified. For example, lots of comedy scenes involve slapping the person who did something wrong either by the hero or the girl’s father (especially if he is those serious kinda guys). Somebody scolds a kid and the kid start crying, adults pretend they are hitting the person who made the kid cry and say, see we hit him and it hurts him. And the kid stops crying.

Ironically the most famous export of India is Gandhi and his non violence but in reality he was an exception, not a standard Indian. Are we doing good by instilling violence in our daily life? I don’t think so. Time we paused and became more conscious of choosing non violent ideas, words and actions in our daily life.

P.S: Now, I may come off as politically incorrect or there will be a large number of people who will be up in arms that I am anti Indian but these are my observations among the people I have been observing. And I admit, I have been guilty of the same crime to an extent till I started tracking back and questioning.


2 thoughts on “Violence in our daily speech

  1. No, you are right. I was talking to someone from India the other day and he said to me “something something I will kick you”. In English, and in a joking sort of way, but I was still shocked because I am not used to that kind of language (I do not live in India). Violence is definitely seen as a solution for misbehavior. I don’t even think it’s seen as violence!

    1. True.

      On the flip side, people often resort to violence as nothing else works because we have such inefficient structures- government police justice, so people take it into their own hands

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