Why I don’t enjoy too much of Facebook

I don’t enjoy facebooking too much because

– The information overload overwhelms me and makes me crawl under a rock.

– I really do not want to know what everyone on my friend’s list is up to.

– I do not remember having a proper one on one conversation ever with most people on my friend’s list. Most were classmates/schoolmates and we rarely talked and we still do not keep in touch.

– I find it tiring.

— It can be a time suck.

– I find the fact that I have to keep in touch with so many people so tiring, again I want to go under a rock.

– I find it shallow and I prefer one to one conversations and deeper connections.

– Mainly, I open Facebook and I see a flood of information. They went out. They had an awesome holiday. Their dates. The food they ate. Their latest shopping. People they met. The fun they had. Their cool parties. The expensive stuff they ate, wore, holidays. Awesome jobs. Makes me feel like everyone seems to have an awesome life except me which is so not true. Everyone puts only their best life forward. We end up comparing all the shit in our life with their best. Not fair right? There was a time when I was going through a shitty phase and opening Facebook made me feel worse. Everybody seemed to have everything going for them (okay, this is exaggerating but when you are upset, see how we tend to blow up things?) – Jobs, money, houses, relationships, friends, outings, holidays.  I am glad I am not doing that anymore.

All said and done, why am I still on Facebook?

– It is a good entertainment.

– You do get the latest news on it.

– Easy efficient way to keep in touch.

– You come across (rarely) interesting articles/photos/music.

– You know what everyone is up to 🙂

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