A random weekend

This is what happens on a random weekend

– Get woken up at 8 AM on a Sunday by somebody singing on a stage with a mike! Our building was having some bonding event. Seriously? Whoever starts a fun event for kids and grandparents on Sunday morning 8’O’Clock?!

Edited to add: The even started at 7.15 AM!! Saw the poster downstairs today!!

– Grocery shopping but then even the supermarket is crowded on a Sunday morning with such long queues. This is a nation of early risers!

– Coffee and leisurely magazine reading.

– Decide to make sambhar, eggplant and mashed spinach and realised I do not have any tamarind at home. Go to the grocery store. Luckily they have tamarind and dead cheap too. Buy some more groceries. I love the convenience and ease of grocery shopping.

– It is raining. Decide to have a coffee and kaya toast. Have coffee and watch the raindrops fall. This is what I love. Watch the rain falling. Sit in some warm place. Nothing to do. Drink tea/coffee. No work. One of my zen moments. Reflecting on life and whatever. I lose the urge to talk to anyone on days like this. The simple pleasures of life. Ah.

– Had sambhar, yoghurt, spinach and eggplants for dinner. Zen moment of the day #2.

– Think I am addicted to ABC. I did not have it for the past 2 days and I miss it.

– Watch James Bond Skyfall. Okay I want more action and less drama.

– Meet up few people and eat.

– The usual cleaning and laundry.


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