The ending of Ramayana and other epics

Have you ever wondered?

You are exposed to so many stories from the Indian epics (Ramayana, Mahabharata, ) and stories of gods (Krishna) when you are young but nobody ever mentions how it all ends. 

Why do we not get to hear the end of their lives? For example I have no memory ever of coming across of what happens to Rama in the end. Same with Krishna. What happened to Balarama? Same with Mahabharata.


I looked it up on the internet. I need to know the ending. I like my stories to end in a clear cut fashion. Strange, is it just me or are we all usually not told how our epics end?


3 thoughts on “The ending of Ramayana and other epics

  1. I feel no wonder, because these were incarnations for teaching people how to work and live. If they had shown their death, people would have praying on their cremation place and did not focused themselves for the teachings which these GOD had given to us for proper life.

  2. Good point. Krishna died like Achilles when an arrow from Jara hit his heel, which was his ‘Achilles’ heel’.
    Rama, in one version, joined Sita – not sure about the details. About Sita, I wonder why didn’t her parents, also Royalty, King Janak and her mother bring her home from the exile when she was left there pregnant and in grave danger, by Rama and Lakshaman? Not sure about Balram though…

    1. Rama dies by drowning himself in Sarayu river.

      Technically, the girl is her husbands property after marriage. However much her parents my claim to love her, they could not interfere after marriage. It is all planned by god and his lila is the answer you will get when asked.

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