Search terms that lead to my blog

The search terms that lead to my blog are revealing – some crack me up, some are weird and some are sad.

Even now, most of them pertain to superstitions regarding menstruation and periods. I hope (really), the information on my site changes few people’s minds about following some of the customs regarding periods.

  • Why women behave the way they do – this cracked me up.Wish someone had the perfect answer to the behavioral analysis of women ha ha it would be a best seller – Into a female mind
  • Periods plants die pickles spoil do not touch god do not touch women with periods – well nothing of this sort happens really trust me
  •  Thesis
  • Why we do not want daughters
  • Organic cosmetics
  • Must get married – Nope not necessary
  • UTI hold pee no toilet
  • women hate men

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2 thoughts on “Search terms that lead to my blog

  1. Two of these search terms we have in common, ‘Why we do not want daughters’ and ‘must get married’.
    The first one is sad… women are supposed to be complicated, unpredictable, mysterious…

    1. Humans are mysterious and unpredictable. It does not depend on gender. I believe it is a result of ingraining due to culture and putting people in certain boxes and not allowing them to get out of it.

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