Reading: Archie’s comics

During the last week I read: Archie’s Americana Best of the Forties Part I, Archie’s best of the nineties and Archie Marries Veronica/Archie Marries Betty 

Archie’s Americana Best of the Forties Part I has the first Archie’s comics ever and it was interesting to see how the characters evolved over the decade to how we know them when I knew them (i.e. in the 90’s and later)

Archie, Jughead look so funny back then. And Mr. Weatherbee was first introduced as a thin wiry man. Somehow, I laughed more in this book.

Archie marries Veronica/Betty, I felt missed certain angles like painting a picture perfect marriage of Veronica and Archie but showing some cracks in Betty and Archie’s marriage. But it was an interesting read nevertheless. I liked the ending best 🙂

Archie Best of the 90’s was interesting and funny too.

I often like reading silly, light and funny books.


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