Why I Write This Blog

  1. Initially, I started this to deal with my anger regarding patriarchy in India.
  2. I continue because I love to write. I find it cathartic.
  3. To make up for all the time I did not express myself.
  4. I used to apologetic for who I was and what I thought (because I did not fit in) and did not want to tell others what I thought. Not anymore.
  5. To become more expressive and open.
  6. One of my written records for the future. I always like to go back and read and see how my thoughts have evolved.
  7. So that, people know who I am and what I stand for. Many who thought who knew me are actually surprised by my writing. This is not what they expected me to write. Don’t come and tell me tomorrow, I always thought you were religious or blah blah or I expect you to be a theist because well I have stated it here.Stop trying to make me something I am not.

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