Herbal Tea

The only tea I drank was with milk and brewed the Indian way.

I could not imagine my tea without milk.

The milk tea they make out here is crappy (according to me) and so, I did not drink it unless I made it. 

I avoid milk as my body does not really agree with it.

Then I found this and love it.

Smells nice.

It is stomach soothing.

Surprise! I found a herbal milk-less tea I love – Teekanne Stomach smoother 🙂

From their website:

Stomach Smoother – A soothing herbal blend for the stomach. Rooibos, Camomile, Anise and Fennel are widely appreciated for their beneficial properties while Spearmint and Peppermint give this comforting infusion a refreshing and pleasant aroma. Liquorice and Blackberry Leaves add harmony to refine the special taste.


RooibosAniseFennelCamomile (15%)SpearmintBlackberry LeavesLiquoricePeppermint


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