Why? – The Big Bad West Edition

If our culture is so superior and the is getting spoilt due to evil western culture, then why – 

  • do we have so many dowry deaths?
  • so much Street sexual harassment?
  • are our woman molested by 20 men in the middle of the street?
  • and then our society blames the victim.
  • is India one of the most unsafe countries for women?
  • are women molested in their husband’s family?
  • can’t we ensure safety for our people?
  • do we have old people working because they spent all their life savings on getting their daughter married?
  • are unmarried women and widows treated so badly?
  • do women have to give up their identity after marriage?
  • do the girl’s parents foot the entire wedding bill?
  • do we waste so much food in the name of weddings?
  • do parent  place honour in society over their own children’s happiness?
  • do we have communal riots?
  • do our youth and politicians set fire to buses and throw stones at building?
  • are our politicians so corrupt?
  • do we have honour killings?
  • don’t we even have basic infrastructure?
  • don’t we have proper water, electricity, sanitation and roads?

Every society has its good and bad. No point living in the past resting on the greatness of our 5000 year old culture and blaming “ western culture” for all the problems. Someone wants to do shit, they will do it, irrespective of “western influence”.  

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