Why I Write What I Write

Don’t you like India? Why do you write about all the negative aspects of our culture and society? These things happen in other societies as well – Comment after reading my blog.

Here is why I write what I write:

  1. What I write may apply to almost all patriarchal cultures and countries but I write about India because I lived there and spent years observing India.
  2. I did not live in other countries much. I know more Indians. I have more life experiences from India. I know more women who suffer from India. How can I write with authority about Afghanistan or whatever?
  3. Being a female in India has affected me deeply and I used to dislike being a woman in India.
  4. I am not a nationalist.
  5. I do not live in denial about my society.
  6. I may be abroad but I keep running into Indians who remind me how much we are still living in 17th century Europe and how much in terms of women’s rights we need to progress – 45 year old men wanting to marry 25 year old women and family pressurizing them into it, lack of choice and freedom, failed marriages but (not) living together but married for the sake of society etc.
  7. I had major issues fitting in India culturally, socially, emotionally. So yes, I write to say what I could not express for so many years.
  8. Consequently, I have no major attachment/bonding with my country/society. It does shape a large part of who I am but is not vital part of my system.
  9. This is the issue/cause I chose because it bothers me the most. I cannot spread my energy on every cause on earth.

5 thoughts on “Why I Write What I Write

  1. I just came across your blog and am loving it. I am British Indian married to a Singaporean Indian and living in singapore with a family who has very traditional views, They have struggled to accept my way of thinking and viewpoints in life. To a point where I couldn’t live with them anymore.
    Coming from an atheist background and going into hindu household was difficult specially when they have millions of customs and formalities which just didn’t make since to me.
    I just hope this blindly following tradition will stop and we should see people for who they are instead of judging them based on religious views ( which is what happened in my case)

    Thanks again for posting these bold posts which is very refreshing to read.

    1. Thank you PA and welcome to my blog!

      My observation is that Indians settled abroad for generations can often be stuck in the India they left 2 generations ago while modern India has moved on!

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