Who is The Indian Uncle?

Also called Chachu in another avatar.

The uncle is the quintessential Indian – the protector of Indian culture and morality from the big bad evil west.

The Uncle is pyoor (pure for uninitiated) white and fair. He does not need any pussy whitening creams because he is pyoor white top to bottom and maybe pink in some places.

He was defrozen from a 7000 year old Himalayan ice.

He  speaks with a strong South Indian accent.

He does the Indian head nod a lot.

He took special traning at the “Chennai School of Maamis”.

He is superior because he is a man, the highest of the highest caste in India.

He is superior because he is older than all mankind and so you must listen to what he says.

Uncle is so tall, he naturally looks down upon all the westerners. He will look down upon you also if you do not follow Indian culture.

Chachu is faster than batman in times of need. When he runs, all you see is a white light passing.

Uncle’s mission – Set all the Indian woman on the correct path – path of pyoor Indian culture. No western clothes, only sari, no western books, no independence, no opinions, no PhD’s, just exist to become a good Indian wife to serve a man and his family. That is correct. You read it right.
Uncle is very busy and I am his secretary. So, you want to meet our Uncle, you get interviewed by me and then if found suitable, perhaps we can schedule you sometime in 2015. Priority to Indian women who have adopted western clothes and have become opinionated and independent minded and need to get married real soon.

P.S:  Well, if you have not got it yet, this is making a joke of everything wrong with our society today and my-culture-better-than-west people and I know a hell lot of them. This is how white men cope with (humor) 17th century values of the west still existing in 21st century India.


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