I love Stephanie Plum books

Since I got the new library membership card, the first author that came to my mind was  Janet Evanovich. I had not read her Stephanie Plum books in a while as I had read all the available books in the previous library. They had more books in the series in the new library.

Stephanie plum is a bounty hunter and these books always make me laugh so much. I like the characters in the book – Stephanie, her parents, Rex, Vinnie, Joe, Ranger, especially her grandma Mazur.  They are so funny.

Of course, conservative people might not find it funny, they might in fact be appalled. The Indian Uncle reckons the book is against Indian culture what with description of thongs, ex ho’s for colleagues, the protagonist divorced and two hot men – Uncle disapproves. Bad western morals spoiling our pyoor culture. Not good, not good at all (and he nods his head round and round) but that does not stop me from enjoying the books 🙂

Can’t believe the last novel I read was months ago! Maybe I should start reading her other series also…


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