Promoting Misogyny in the Name of Culture

I came to know of this song from IHM’s blog post. I know the song is nice and catchy but the misogynistic lyrics under the guise of concern and respect for “decent” women made me want to puke. Seriously, a culture which hates does not deserve its women.

Women who roam in clubs What is happening in this place of pure Tamil?

–      Well, for starters women can roam wherever they want. This country does not belong to men only okay? What do you mean the land of Tamil? That no one else is supposed to come here? Then tell all the MNC’s to pack up and leave. Conversely, all Tamilians should not also go anywhere else. That includes where we have huge populations of Tamil migrants.

Ladies, I salute you all Ladies, Its very shameful

–      Why is it shameful? By whose rules? How do you know women go to clubs if you are not there yourself? So you go to visit clubs for statistical purposes? Okay if men go clubbing?

Hi, girls how are you?

–      Very fine , thank you for the coutesy.

After a 10 month relationship, you ask “who are you?”

–      Well, this is irrespective of gender. Even guys do the same.

Only 3 words, I love you Don’t you even know what that means?

–      Well, you do not even know us and you start judging our language skills?!

Hey Sheena, Leena, Veena, Meena You speak a few words in tamil – don’t want a create a scene When you go abroad from Tamilnadu  Don’t forget your mother-tongue tamil

–      It is my will and wish what I speak. What is your problem if I speak English? Feel inferior because you cannot understand eh? If you feel so strongly about preservation of Tamil language, then do some relevant MA or PhD in Tamil language and let every word you use including words like club, smoke be in Tamil. Why should women only preserve our Tamil language? Why cannot men? 

Rohini, Mohini, Yamini, Kamini You thinking that you are good looking is comical

–      Oh our so very handsome dude here is gonna bring us down to earth and teach us to be humble and not be vain.

Don’t find fault with men “He looks only at me” Why do this? (refers to finding fault with men.)

–      Well, there is a difference between looking, staring, ogling and trying to intimidate and shame women with looks. You cannot treat us like normal people, we will complain because in developed civilized cultured societies it does not happen to the extent here. SO much for your tamil culture, why is this happening here?

I am not finding fault with all women Even the goddess who gave birth to me is a woman

–      Really, a woman is faultess if she gives birth and serves the man in her life. Did you hear that? So all women, go pop out kids and serve them. Then you will be treated like goddesses. Really? What about the traditional Tamil women who are in shitty marriages? Suffering? Giving Dowry? DO you treat your mom well? Does your family treat your mom well?

All the boys, come this side They will spoil you too

–      Why, adult men do not have a will of their own? They cannot think for themselves? Girls can spoil them? Seriously?

50 out 100 women are like this

–      Did you do a proper statistical analysis? A population check? Is it all Tamilians you surveyed?

They roam in clubs smoking

–      Well men roam on roads smoking and harming everyone else.

The time of showing signs with eyes has gone

–      You miss it, then make a video showing signs with eyes. Why the hell are you even singing?

They are smoking pot – how awful!

–      Well they may smoke pot, but you do not hear of them being high and beating/burning/raping at least.

Beautiful girl you are, beautiful eyes to match that  She also has one bottle of rum

Beautiful girl you are, beautiful eyes to match that Along with rum, she has ½ packet of cigarettes

–      So? She is less beautiful suddenly?

 You are not needed, goddess

–      You are not needed you, misogynistic men. You do not deserve a woman in your life.

 You dance while you are drunk

–      Well, is she stepping on your toes because she dances when drunk?

 The time of walking gracefully is gone

–      Really? Do you walk gracefully? Were you alive 200 years ago to see how women walked?

They blow out the smoke

–      So do men.

They left out wearing expensive silk saris now They wear handkerchief

–      Maybe someone robbed them of their expensive silk saris and now they have no more clothes. Well, are you wearing veshti/lungi and shirtless? Do you have kudumi? Why are you not still travelling on a bullock cart?

The time of wearing jewels is gone

–      You moron, is it safe to wear jewels in public these days? Are you wearing jewels like it shows in our temples or scriptures? You wear 10 kg gold, then tell us.

P.S: When  I say you, I am referring to all those people who support the lyrics/ideas of the song, not referring to the singer specifically.

3 thoughts on “Promoting Misogyny in the Name of Culture

  1. Ever noticed misogynists talk about women being attractive when they are moralising them? “Beautiful, just don’t wear such clothes” – they can’t see women beyond beautiful, ugly, how beautiful, what kind of eyes, what kind of walk (graceful) and of course how convenient (obedient, submissive, hand over their earnings, devoted, fair with fair underarms, approved by their extended family etc).

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