Malnutrition in India

I believe the government should be working on this instead of the politicians fighting among themselves or wasting time on useless things like creating disharmony in the society or being corrupt.

India has the highest child malnutrition in the world.

Some sobering news indeed.

I believe experiencing this affects one’s viewpoint and eating habit as well as lifestyle as an adult even after they are well off during adulthood.

What can we do at a personal level?

  1. Create awareness
  2. Not waste food – in daily life and just because it is free food like at weddings
  3. Remember feeling full ≠ proper nutrition. Seriously filling your stomach with carbs or fats does not mean you got your nutrients. Less rice/wheat/potatoes, more veggies, fruits and meat
  4. Try having simpler smaller weddings?
  5. Not try to deprive the lower economic strata of their hard earned money (this does not include healthy people who want to beg or people like that)
  6. Charity? Volunteering?

This issue is linked with quite a few other issues:

  1. Policy making
  2. Gender inequality – Treating women as inferior and allowing young women to get improper nutrition leads to unhealthy mothers and kids
  3. Environmental pollution – There seems to be a food crisis looming and lesser agriculture going on
  4. Huge amount of misinformation about nutrition
  5. Poor diet and lifestyle

2 thoughts on “Malnutrition in India

  1. A lot of under nourished children are also suffering because the parents have no idea that black tea, deep fried foods are unhealthy, specially for children – there is no effort to campaign about balanced meals. I know of mothers working as domestic helpers, choosing Cerelac over egg, fruit and cereals for children – when they can’t really afford it. Many children would be healthier if the parents knew that simpler balanced meals are healthier. Any ad about foods for children should make it very clear that daal, boiled rice, banana and egg are as good – if not better.

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