Random Ramblings About a Toilet Seat

Boiling Wok is happy because she got a new toilet seat.

She dislikes dirty toilet seats.

When you rent a place, it is good to get a new toilet seat.

She learnt to change her own toilet seat recently.

It is quite easy actually.

The toilet seat at the new house was terrible, real bad.

She got a new toilet seat. 

She changed it and felt so good.

Her ass deserves respect too.

This looks cool but I have seen it around or maybe I did not look around enough. Maybe when I get my own place….

She wonders why people do not change their toilet seats often as it is not too expensive out here.

  1. People just do not care if the toilet seat looks like shit (pun unintended).
  2. They are too lazy.
  3. If they are renting out, they do not care because they will not be using it.
  4. They think it is some complicated expensive thing to do or a plumber needs to be called.
  5. Lack of plain awareness.

Well, life is good when you have a neat new toilet seat among other things 🙂

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