Transformation of the Maid

The transformation of the maid

The maid was already home cleaning; when I came back.

She was wearing an T-shirt and pajamas.

She finished cleaning and came to tell me she was leaving.

I was surprised by her transformation.

She had changed to nicer clothes and a pink hairband!

I have not seen maids doing this in India.

Nice idea eh? – You get a change of old clothes and change into them and clean the house and then change into nice clothes when you are leaving again. You look nice when you are travelling and you do not spoil your good clothes.

Smart idea.


4 thoughts on “Transformation of the Maid

  1. Uncle was there as well and has witnessed this so called “transformation” of the maid. First, putting on a nicer shirt and hairband doesn’t transform people because people are not Transformers. Transformers are robots, from Cyberton and this maid is clearly not one of them. Second, Uncle knows because Uncle met pyooore Transformers (around 7.300 years ago when they helped build the first advanced society on Earth – the ancient Vedic civilization!) and he knows what he’s talking about. So listen to Uncle, ok? Ok. Ok. Where was I? Ah, the maid. As I just explained, this maid simply changed cloths and did not transform. Now, why did she feel compeled to change her cloths? Why dressing up into something “nicer looking” (imposed Western standards, please keep in mind!) but not necessarily more comfortable (especially compared to our heavenly sari!)? Why? It’s simple man! Listen! She is just a papi in a papi land. That is correct. Uncle only speaks the truth! Ok? Ok. What is a papi? And what is papi land you ask? Don’t bother with Wikipedia. Uncle’s knowledge goes back thousands of years and has not yet been mapped or recorded. Why don’t you ask the blogger instead? Let us all see how well she knows the society she lives in.
    So, now you know the real truth and not some blogger’s point of view. Remember, we can all have individual points of view, but only Uncle points the facts and only Uncle speaks the truth!

    1. Uncle I can imagine you talking this out in your Pyooor Indian accent. We should do a sound recording soon. So much fun!! and our long in the pipeline “ask uncle” advice column for Indian girls 😛

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