Great! Indian Women Have Company




Here is an article from BBC about sexual harassment on the streets in Egypt. Indian women, do not despair, we have company!! For those people who use this to justify and say “see, you are needlessly complaining, there are places worse off than India, so quit complaining. Well, just because someone is being treated worse than us does not change the fact that Indian women are being treated badly.

Highlighted some of the main lines which struck me the most and those which are universally applicable: 

“Marwa says she worries about being groped or verbally harassed whenever she goes downtown. She says it makes her afraid.”

“This stops me from going out. I try to be excessively cautious in the way I dress so I avoid wearing things that attract people.”

“Statistics say that most of the women or girls who have been sexually harassed have been veiled or completely covered up with the niqab.”

“Religious fundamentalism arose, and they began to target women. They want women to go back to the home and not work.” – add to that patriarchal mindsets.

“women’s campaign groups also blame what they call the lack of security enforcement. They say the police should do more to enforce laws protecting women from harassment.”

“When I asked them about a recent case of mass harassment in which women at a park were groped by a gang of boys, they told me the girls brought it on themselves.

“If the girls were dressed respectably, no-one would touch them,” one of them said. “It’s the way girls dress that makes guys come on to them. The girls came wanting it – even women in niqab.”

“It is a question of freedom. I want to walk safely and like a human being. Nobody should touch or harass me.






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