Tough Little Customer

Uncle and I were walking in the mall. We wanted to leave it. It was raining and the mall was cold. I hate that kind of weather when it has been raining continuously and all the buses and malls are real cold. It defies logic the way they waste electricity here.

All of a sudden a thin guy with pale eyes jumps on my side handing me something wrapped like a toffee. It was a small piece of soap. He was from Israel. It was a Singaporean company which got stuff from Dead Sea. I wonder what’s up with this slew of beauty products from Israel in Singapore, everyone claiming to be natural and filled with natural goodness of the Dead Sea minerals. I am so very skeptical of these.

He invited us to his shop and started showing the range of soaps he had. He made me smell them one by one and guess the flavour. He claimed they were organic, handmade and natural. Uncle laughed at him and warned him that I was a tough customer. He did not relent and said he enjoyed the challenge. He had so many blocks of soap and they smelled so good. He cut me out a large piece of mango soap as I liked it the best. Generous I must admit. I did not believe his claims that they were organic or natural because they had no labeling and then even if he had used a lot of essential oils to get the scent, I bet you cannot get it to smell like that. Clearly chemicals.

Undeterred, he went onto a cream which he claimed would rejuvenate my skin. He started rubbing it on my arm and wiped it and showed me the particles which came of when he rubbed. He claimed it was my skin. I have seen that trick before. I remember another guy doing the same thing on my arm and claiming that it was a miracle cream. The stuff that comes off when you rub it is just the cream again and not your skin. One look at the ingredient list and I rejected it. When Dead Sea minerals are the last in the ingredients and the rest are just chemicals why claim that the product is natural? Uncle kept chuckling on the side.

Then he was like, oh I know, here is something completely natural. What do you use on your face? Me- Nothing. Here is completely natural organic dead sea minerals for your face.  We were tired and cold and just wanted to leave the mall and we left. I had not patience for someone trying to sell me Dead Sea mineral cosmetics that night.

I gotta admit though he was hard selling, he was polite. I have had other people selling me (they tried with no success) other Dead Sea brands and other stuff in malls to me but often they try to sell you by putting you down like in the lines of “oh you have terrible skin, use my products and you will have great skin” which pisses me off. At least he did not do that and for that I give him brownie points apart from the fact that he gave me a large piece of mango soap.

I have some doubts and thoughts regarding this:

  1. Why are there so many Dead Sea cosmetic companies out here?
  2. Where do they get their Dead Sea Minerals from? Deep in the sea? Edges of the sea? Which country? Whose borders?
  3. If everyone just keeps on taking up mud from the Dead Sea, what about erosion and how much soil is gonna remain? Do the governments have no concerns about the environment or the mud of Dead Sea? They do not care who drills, who takes the mud from there?
  4. I feel it is just a marketing gimmick claiming to use a miracle ingredient – Dead Sea minerals. It is just another cream when you see all the chemicals in front. Last time, they claimed Aloe Vera was the one or was it the time before that?

I may be small but I am tough. Uncle does the Indian head nod in agreement 🙂



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