Marriage in India is like getting a kitchen appliance

“Marriage in India is like getting a kitchen appliance : a woman” – Quote by The Uncle, the only true blue (okay uncle is pyoor white and fair) Indian ever to walk on the face of this earth and was defrozen from a 7000 year old Himalayan ice only recently to bring Indian women on the right track 🙂 He does not need any pussy whitening creams because he is pyoor white top to bottom 😀

Who needs this if you can get a wife?

Marriage in India even now in 80% of the cases is like a business deal. Does the guy have money? How much money is the girl giving? Who foots the wedding bill? Who will call the priest for the ceremonies after marriage? Who gave how much gold? The guy does not to bear the expenses of pregnancy. The girl should. Who the hell is responsible for the pregnancy? The guy always listens to his relatives even what to do in marriage because he knows he will not get his parent’s property if he goes against them. 

Who needs to buy all this if you can marry an Indian woman and get it as dowry?

The guys mother is growingold, get her son married and you get a nurse. I have heard of how a proposal my friend got was from a guy who was living abroad but wanted to marry and wanted his wife not to work and stay in India. Why? Because he wanted his wife to be nurse and maid to his sick mother. Then bloody well, hire a nurse and not look for a wife. 

The guy’s mom died several years ago? No problem. He asks his wife to learn to cook very well and every day. Why the hell did he not learn to cook all these years?

There is barely any importance on the girl and the guy getting to know each other. It is always about the rituals and all the unnecessary extended family poking their nose and causing more emotional drama and insisting that traditions be followed. You are meant to be asexual and never fall in love till you marry. Then you marry a guy you do not know too much. And then you have sex with him on the first night. It is like some sick thing to perpetuate your tribe/caste/religion. You must have kids. You cannot marry and not have kids. Then your duty is done. So now concentrate on raising the kids.

Individual happiness doesn’t matter. Compatibility does not matter. Only society matters. Only tradition matters. Just get the burden off your shoulders. Just get her married.

What is but a woman but the bearer of the womb, who will perpetuate your tribe and increase your numbers. She is not human and she has but no desires of her own. She was born to be servile and serve her master.


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