Period Tales

Ridiculous conversations no one should be having but we are still having in modern India.

Scene 1

A- Why don’t you go and put this sanitary napkin in my brother’s face?

B- Erm? What do you mean?

A-    Well, I mean there are guys in this house and you cannot put a (wrapped and unused) sanitary napkin on the table in the girl’s room because men walk by and they might look at it. Putting it here is like putting it in his face. So obvious. We have to hide these things.

Scene 2

A is taking out clothes from her travel bag and of course she is a female and has a packet of sanitary napkins, in case she gets her periods.

B-    Zip the bag quickly, my bro is here. He cannot see your sanitary napkins


Oh, so men do not know women get periods. They do not know we use sanitary napkins. We are supposed to hide them and pretend they do not exist. That we do not use them at all. That we do not get periods at all. That we are not women at all.

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3 thoughts on “Period Tales

  1. As a girl who has grown up in Shimla in the 80s and 90s with homes and balconies close to each other I used to often wonder why mom and aunts hide their under garments under towels on the drying rack and why men unabashedly hang theirs in full public view.

    Thankfully in my home I was never asked to follow the usual rituals when I had my periods but there were friends who could not enter kitchens,touch other members and yes find new tricks to hide their sanitary napkins.this is where the conditioning of our girls for SHAME begins.

    1. You are right. We teach our women shame, shame in bing women, shame in our bodies, shame in sexuality,shame in desire, shame in individuality.

      Sad thing is many people do not have the courage to break this cycle of shame and we end up having a misogynistic societies.

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