No Communication Rule in Arranged Marriages

True story

Gargi is going through arranged marriage. Her parents are screening potential groom for her. She did her post-graduation abroad. She went back. She is looking to get married ASAP.

Her parents rules for selecting a guy for marriage out of the guys they screen for her:

  • No meeting guys before engagement
  • No video chats before or after engagement
  • No talking over the phone more than once a week until marriage
  • Not more than 2-3 emails/week

Why? Because too much communication leads to arguments and disagreements. You discover you are different. So do not get to know the guy too much and just talk a bit and get married Does not matter if you are incompatible later. Isn’t this ridiculous? But it is happening as I wrote this. 

So, before you discover your difference in personalities, just get married like you jump blindly. Then nothing can be done after marriage anyways. How sweet. Looks like we spend more time examining the car before we buy it than the guy we marry.


2 thoughts on “No Communication Rule in Arranged Marriages

  1. Basically first just get married and then just stay married :\ A broken engagement is seen as bad as a broken marriage – something not enough ideal Indian naari about the girl, or else why would an Indian family ‘reject’ a girl?

    1. Exactly. It is ridiculous. How much time do we spend on shopping. How much time do girl’s parents ensure she spends on checking out colleges for studying. And how much time are we supposed to spend checking out guys? not much coz parents know best.

      Well, the broken engagement may be a result of clash of personalities, a result of forcing the guy to marry a girl when he clearly loves someone else.

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