List of Organic Cosmetic Stores in Singapore

Edited 14 Dec, 2016

I have compiled a list of places you can find organic cosmetics/food in Singapore. I am glad you can see so much more organic stuff in mainstream shops these days. Arranged alphabetically.

iHerb Discount Coupon

Retails Stores & Supermarkets

  • BHG Andalou naturals, Japanese brands etc.
  • Cold Storage Organic food
  • Fairprice Unity / Fairprice Finest / Fairprice Extra Badger, Gaia Naturals, Avalon organics, organic milk/rice/pasta/beans/cheese/veggies etc.
  • Robinsons Some brands in the mother/baby section
  • Sephora 

Note on 31 Oct, 2016 – Their organic cosmetics collection has shrunk recently.

  • Guardian Akin, Thursday Plantation etc.
  • Mother/Baby Stores 
  • Outdoor Life I saw that they have some organic stuff in the Novena branch – Badger balms, sunscreens, Joshua Organics etc
  • Rochester Mall supermarket Ecostore, Avalon, Nature’s Gate etc. I went to this supermarket in Oct 2014 and was really happy at how wide their selection has become. They really have a lot more things now ranging from food to supplements. However, I still find iHERB cheaper.
  • Vitakids Has natural organic cosmetics for babies & lots of food as well. I got their baked chips. Not bad. They currently have 4 branches in Sg, newest in Westgate mall – Jurong east MRT
  • Watsons  Giovanni, Dr Bronner’s California baby, Sukin, Nature’s gateAvalon organics, Andalou Naturals, Alba Botanica

Note on 31 Oct, 2016 – The Watsons store in JEM has a large collection of organic stuff, everything one can find on iHerb. Maybe they are also buying from there ha ha.

Indie Stores

  • BGO Ecoshop I once won a giveaway with them They have cosmetics and groceries.
  • Brown rice paradise Tanglin mall – They have quite a wide range of products from food to cosmetics and overpriced.
  • Bud Cosmetics Tried – FIlthy Farmgirl, essential oils and many more.
  • Dada Luxe I came across their store on 15 Teo Hong Rd 088328, Exit E from Outram Park MRT. They have a wide range of California baby products & other in house brands. They gave us many samples of NUMI organic tea. They have many teas and essential oils. Now, they seem to be in Orchard Central basement next to the café they run – Taviola
  • Dragon D’ or cosmetics People’s park level 3 somewhere (I read about these on Vivawoman): They have Jason’s, EO etc. I purchased EO moisutriser from them once.
  • Flare Wellness Saw their stall at some art festival on Keong Saik Road 2 weeks ago.
  • Greenbee I was contacted by the owner and the site seems legit. They focus on organic and natural European beauty products
  • Living Naturally Co. They have many brands that are not on iHerb.
  • Naiise The branch in Orchard Gateway has natural cosmetics especially the ones made in Sg. Also, great souvenirs with local stuff.
  • Natural essence in West Coast Plaza level 1 Have Jason’s, eos lip balm & food – Got organic miso soup from them
  • Natural Works Never tried
  • Naturally better co I read about this on this blog – Never tried
  • Nordic Exposure Moved to Bukit Timah Plaza from Holland Road shopping center. Has brands from nordic countries and from Europe. I tried their candles and they are great!! I also picked up a face wash and some soaps from them. It is great to try out new brands from Iceland and other countries!
  • Oasis Organics Shaw towers, Bugis Saw the shop when I went to Shaw towers. Never tried. They have food + cosmetics
  • Organic7days I have not purchased anything from this shop and was contacted by the shop owner. Seems legit to me. I have not tried this site. I came across this website written on a cart at Raffles place. The cart was closed as it was weekend and seemed to be selling organic coconut oil.
  • Origo Creation in International Plaza I have not purchased anything from this shop. They seem to have perfect potion and some other brands.
  • Pure Tincture Never tried
  • Tiny Tree Saw their detergent in PLaza Singapura Ehub (in B1 or B2)
  • Vines and roots  Never tried. Came across it from
  • Wild Tried their soaps. Not bad. Their products can now be found at Nordic exposure

After my trip to the USA, I learnt how much cheaper organic stuff is in the US and in Sg they are way overpriced. So unless I am looking for Australian brands, I prefer buying a lot of these things from Their shipping charges have consistently come down over the past year – now it is 4 USD for 4 6 10Kg via registered Singpost. I couldn’t be happier. 

Disclaimer: I was not paid to write this. Views and opinions are my own. 


4 thoughts on “List of Organic Cosmetic Stores in Singapore

  1. there is one very nice brand called “ORGANI” you find them in suntec city and I think they have one more shop in jurong point, I really like there products. you can google it as well

    1. I checked out their website and I am not impressed.They seem way more expensive than other organic brands.

      Their ingredients (in the Singapore website)are not even listed though they are in the Australian site. I do not like that at all. And where are their organic certifications? Where are these products manufactured? I cannot make a judgement unless I enter their shop and see the products for myself but this shop seems to be one of those that have jumped on to the organic brand wagon because it is in.

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