Period Myths – 5 [Summary]

Do you know what is the most common search term/topic which leads people to my site? – Periods/Menstruation!!

It is always the top search engine terms which led to my site week after week.

  • I touched plants when having periods. What will happen?
  • kill plants periods
  • touch pickles period
  • touch woman when she has periods
  • body emits negative energy during periods
  • sin to touch menstruating woman

and many more along those lines. Really?!

To clarify:

  1. Nothing happens if you touch a woman on her periods.
  2. No pickles or anything, do not get spoilt.
  3. No plants do not die. Tried and tested by many including me.
  4. God(s) is not going to get angry. We believe they have much more pressing world problems to look at other than monitoring to see if 50% of the world’s population is not touching flowers and blah blah or entering temple every month during those times.
  5. Nobody dies nor does lightning strike anyone blind because a menstruating woman does puja/ near a place of worship.
  6. For all those claiming pseudo scientifically that women emit negative energy during those times and which is why we have those rules, seriously?! Why in the world be something so natural and that happens to all mammal every month/fertility cycle be a negative thing?
  7. For those claiming cultural superiority and how we actually intended to give rest to our women folk and how poor hygiene was in those days, well it often does not matter what it was for, what matters how it is and how it has been used to treat women badly. If you wanted them to rest, why not just say, we would love you to rest. And why are we dictating when rest should be imposed on women? Why cannot we get rest when we need not only during specific times of the month? If I feel crampy,  I want rest, if I feel like going out, then I want to. Even for rest women do not deserve a choice in our culture right?
  8. Periods cannot be used as an excuse to treat women poorly, make them feel bad for menstruating or treat them like dirt because they are “dirty”
  9. It is sad how so many women are taught to hate their periods and made to feel guilty/bad for getting them coming from a society which places a premium on fertility. I have seen so many family members (mainly women note that) being irritated and rude to the menstruating person because she was menstruating. Aren’t the women supposed to feel irritated not the person who is not having periods?

I am ending the period myths series but occasionally I will still share how people behave regarding this stuff.

End of a bloody series.

Read more articles in this series here.


9 thoughts on “Period Myths – 5 [Summary]

  1. Yes very true I also searched whether I can take a bath or not on my periods, it happened like I had not taken bath for around 5 days and my hubby was like mad at me for following this stupid custom, he finally took up the responsibility to force me to bath and I googled it and came across ur site.. Thanks for opening my eyes

  2. Whoa if I touch plants while I’m menstruating they will die? Excellent. I am going to start a weed killing service immediately and make piles of money. 100% organic and non-toxic method. Lol.

    Urghhhh but you have voiced what I think perfectly. The worst part is that this menstruation quarantine business is enforced by WOMEN. I don’t believe in all this untouchability nonsense but I am too chicken to actually tell anyone in my family :(. Menstruation is that much of a taboo topic – when I got my first period my mother gave me a book to read about menstruation, no talk, nothing! In my family there is only the no performing prayers (aarti) or going to temple while menstruating so I just don’t tell anyone that I am on my period, and do whatever I want. Haven’t been struck by lightning even once haha!

    1. Ha ha I love the idea of weed killing service.

      Some claim, do not touch flowering plants coz the flowers may be offered to god and we do not want to be polluting that or whatever. Some say the rose plants are the most sensitive and die.

      Some claim that yes women can do puja if they perform a cleansing ritual beforehand but I ask why do a special cleansing pooja before being considered fit for puja?

      It is for us to move out and stop just stop following those rules in our own homes.

    1. Talking to such people does not often help. Our hope is the women who move out to live alone to study or work, then they will automatically stop following this and may lose the habit. I have known PhD’s living abroad who have harshly scolded my friends and made them cry because she went to a temple when she had periods. We are too conditioned to follow without questioning.

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