A Tarot Reading

I have never gotten a tarot reading and knew I will not pay to get one.  When I saw an offer for a free reading by a lady who was starting her business, I thought why not? It was from a trustworthy source and I wanted to try it just like that. I had my reading done over Skype as Isis, the tarot reader was in another country. To be honest, I did not know what to expect and I was more on the non believer side and was trying it out.

Disclaimer: Tarot reading does not tell you what to do or the future. It sort of helps you bring up things in your subconscious mind to the surface.

This is how the process goes: You have to think of a question you want to ask and tell the tarot reader briefly but not too much so as not to affect her responses. Then you focus on the question as she shuffles the cards. You tell her to stop when you feel like and then she takes up the top three cards and explains what they represent.

My experience: The tarot reader was nice, chatty and friendly (and I like chatty people). The tarot reader could explain what each card symbolizes and apparently it matter what cards are drawn and what suits are missing as well to interpret.

So, when my cards were drawn, she interpreted it one way but when we discussed, I interpreted it in the other way entirely depending on what the cards represented to me. The discussion took a different turn and we ended up discussing quite a bit.

I thought we will be done in 10 minutes or so but my call was around 40 minutes. And I appreciate it when people take out sometime for me 🙂

My conclusions: I feel that tarot reading is very subjective and each card can be looked at in different ways as three cards can be combined to give a different story. For example, I had 3 cards roughly symbolizing love, conflict, some higher authority. She looked at it as me in conflict with someone and some higher is telling me to move away from the conflict. I look at it as me in conflict with higher authorities (religious or moral or societal) and with someone’s support.

Tarot reading is good if you want some nudging to admit what is on your mind and to get to express yourself. Your interpretation may tell you how you are looking at things and that may help you sort out things in your head objectively. It helps if you really do not know the other person, so you may get an new perspective to an issue.

I had a good conversation and tried out something new. Tarot reading to me is another variant of reflection and meditation but to each his own.

P.S: You can check out Isis at http://throneofosiris.weebly.com/ for a tarot reading

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