Reblog: Moira Johnston

Interesting and brave. If more women were to feel like this, would it stop our moral police from stripping women naked and parading them because there would be no shame in it?

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This woman is fab.  In NY state, it’s completely legal for a woman to go topless anywhere a man can go topless as long as she’s not engaged in commerce.  You can go topless on the beach…in parks…but not many women do except for Moira Johnston.

The first time she went topless at Union Square she was arrested and later released without charge.  Talk about courage:

5 thoughts on “Reblog: Moira Johnston

  1. Wow. Good for her. Sad to see the comments that “she’s asking to be raped” and “this might be legal but it is immoral”. Guess these attitudes are there everywhere whether it be about girls wearing skirts or jeans or going topless.

    1. That is lame. In India, they keep saying girls who were wearing skirts/jeans were asking to be raped, then why does the same not happen elsewhere to women wearing western clothes?

      What is morality? who dictates what is right? Some old guy came 2000 years ago and made some rules back then for those times and we should be following to the word like blind and fools?

  2. I was reading somewhere about how in the past, women’s breasts were not seen as organs of sex and hence women were free to go topless in most parts of the world, I think that includes India.

    1. Yes in India too, I have seen very old women in villages still not wear blouses/bras with saris and they do not care if their breasts are visible.

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