Random Gratitude

Sometimes it is so easy to lose track of these tiny little things that improve our life quality  but when they are missing you really know how annoying life can get.

Now that I have to work on Windows XP  and I can see how slow it is, so slow it is annoying,

on an old system which seems to take ages to open up or respond,

with a real  old monitor like those big boxes and it always makes an irritating insect noise and it drives me up the wall,

with office 2003,

with a mouse which gives me arm ache,

I really appreciate my laptop and how much it allows me work longer without getting tired,  how less tiring staring at the screen is, how much smoother the entire thing works, how much better MS Office 2010 is, how much less my body hurts after working on my laptop, how much easier the cursor moves really.

Now that I am using a real slow internet at home, I really miss my faster internet I used to have.

Really grateful, there are better computers out there for me to access.



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