Women Should Behave if They do not Want to be Molested – Seriously?!

Here is a what a minister in reference to the Guwahati molestation incident has to say (from link) :

“Madhya Pradesh Industries Minister Kailash Vijayvargiya on Saturday said:

When we accept traditions in this country, we will then see its positive effects. I always request women to have a respectful character, respectful attitude, and dress respectfully. If they do so then there will be no problems in society.

Women should behave in such a way so that other people treat them with respect. Their fashion, lifestyle and conduct should be in accordance with Indian culture and they should not wear clothes which “provoke” others.

Women should dress in such a way that they invoke respect in others. However, unfortunately women are dressing provocatively, which is leading to deviation in society.”

Seriously?! What kind of lame people do we have in power? What about telling men to control themselves? Not act like animals? Are they not human? Do they have lesser developed mental faculties? What about the police, government and the judiciary doing something useful and punishing the offenders instead of dragging the case on for years or letting criminal go scot free?

Our culture? 20 people molesting and beating up a teenager in public is our culture. Blaming the victim is our culture. Blaming and shaming the women is our culture. Putting the entire onus of behaving, dressing, culture and morality only on one gender is our culture allowing another gender to do anything and still not be treated as wrong doers. If this is what you deem to be our culture, then to hell with it.

I believe we should move beyond blaming and shaming the victim in cases of molestation and instead shame the criminal while we do the opposite. It is sad but it is not surprising how even highly educated people/those living abroad for so long/ women have this attitude.

When I asked a woman if she had heard of this Guwahati molestation case, the first comment she made was ” Why the hell did a 15 year old girl go to a pub? Was it necessary?”

Immediate moral judgement. Women are not supposed to be out at night. Women are not supposed to go to a bar. Women are not supposed to wear clothes like that. If that was the case, how many rapes/molestations should be happening abroad? 

Instead why do we never ask what in the world makes guys think that public spaces are for men only? Why in the world do they think they can molest/harass/grope any woman in public spaces without fear of repercussions? Why in the world do we not change our attitudes rather than victim blaming?



One thought on “Women Should Behave if They do not Want to be Molested – Seriously?!

  1. It seems endless… why do these people advocate violence against women who don’t do what any random person acting as a self proclaimed lawyer for a rapist claims. They seem have no understanding of crimes against women.

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