In the land of Maha-abuse

Shail's Nest

Oh to be born in the land of the Maha-abuse (updated to add this link: Maha Abuse of Woman in Mahabharata), where Duryodhan set the example for those to follow and the followers in modern times are ever ready to take his lessons to new heights (and lows), living with dignity, as a human is a really tough proposition for girls and women.

In Duryodhan’s case, it was all within the family so to speak. He attempted to disrobe his sister in law (to tell you the truth, I don’t know if he did that to anyone else), the much acclaimed Draupadi, while her five husbands and all the pompous elders (much like those of the present) sat around twiddling their thumbs citing rules and regulations as their excuse for doing so. Draupadi had only herself to depend upon for her own defence. And when that failed, divine intervention…

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