This is What They Think but What They Shall Never State

She scanned the rental ads.

Most ads said – no Indians.

She saw an ad for a beautiful room.

It did not say – no Indians.

She asked if she could view the room.

The owner said alright.

She went to the house.

 She knocked on the door.

The owner came to the door.

The owner recoiled on seeing an Indian.

Too late.

She was at the door.

The owner showed the room.

How long do you want the room for? –  The owner asked.

She said about 6 months or more.

The owner said –  I want to rent out the room only for 2 months.

That was clearly a lie.

The ad had mentioned rental for 6 months or more.

The owner claims to be non-racist.

The owner has a boyfriend from a different race.

Surely the owner is beyond racial barriers.


The truth is white skin is superior,

Dark skin is inferior,

This is what they think but what they shall never state.

They do not have to state, 

As it is evident in their behaviour,

Every time they encounter dark skin. 


2 thoughts on “This is What They Think but What They Shall Never State

  1. In Satyamev Jayate this week they covered Casteism, and the solution one of the participants said (and I agree) is inter-caste marriages – same way inter racial marriages and relationships could help deal with racism.

    1. It is a very complicated issue and how certain countries/races are perceived.

      It may but the fact is such people are always in the minority and it takes a lot to go beyond inbuilt prejudices.

      As mentioned at the end, the owner did have a bf of a different race but obviously he is white and not dark skinned.

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