Pointers for Writing Ads

After going through 100’s of ads daily for renting a place quite often these past few months, I have come up with certain pointers for creating proper ads because it is plain annoying to read a bad ad.

1. Please be clear about what you are advertising with important details
ex. – room for rent, central location!!! call agt. – XXXXXXXX. Hurry before it is taken.

My reaction – Okay, what kind of room is it? What is the address? What and whom are you looking for? What are the facilities? What is the price range?

2.  Be specific. I know you cannot afford to be too specific which may ward off potential customers but if there is something you do not want for certain,  please state it.
ex. – common room for rent,  xyz street, rent – la la la. Call/email *****

My reaction – Okay, I contact you, then you tell me oh No Indians (strangely reminiscent of British colonial rules – No Indians allowed but that is another long analysis by itself). Wth, then bloody well state it that you do not want Indians instead of wasting my time, effort and money by contacting you and then you stating the rules. As much as seeing no Indians in the ads annoys me (though I am used to it by now actually), I prefer it over no mention of such things and then being told about it when I call. You are 100% sure, you do not want an Indian, then put it up.

Same with cooking. It takes 3 word only – No cooking allowed

3. If someone contacts you with regard to your ad, let us be courteous and reply, even if it is in the negative.
ex. – I contact you, SMS you, email you, no reply.  Finally when I can get you to answer your call, you say ah! actually I do not allow blah blah blah.

My reaction – Another major piss off. Again happened yesterday.  Well, it would not have hurt you to reply and say I am not the kind of tenant you are looking for.

4. If the place is taken/goods are sold, remove your ad or at least edit it and add taken to the subject line.

ex. – I see an ad, call them, they say oh that is taken already 3 days ago.

My reaction – Then remove the ad.

5.  Please put in correct details. 

ex. – Do not advertise that a room is available for long term rental when it is for short term rent only.

My reaction – Irritated for obvious reasons. I  waste my time calling you, SMSing you, come to view the house and then you are like oh, I want to rent out for short term only. Wth, then state it in your ad  correctly, why say long term rental in your ad? I am pissed off because this happened yesterday and they mentioned it after I went to view the house which I did after calling them like 7 times and SMSing 5 times.

Enough said. The experience of house hunting is a story for another day.


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