Book Review: Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom

I have been reading this awesome 800 odd pages book by Dr. Northup over the past 6 weeks or so and have sort of finished reading it once. I know I promised to summarize it but that will have to go in to do list as I have other things to work on for now and the book is already overdue in the library 😦


Well, to state the obvious, I loved the book. The things I liked about it include her approach to health from both a mainstream modern medicine and holistically looking at mind-body connections and alternative medicine and detailed chapters on female’s anatomy. A lot of the information I knew, but it sounds so much better when supported by scientific research data somebody else put together for you 🙂

Reading this book also helped me define those fuzzy ideas and beliefs and be able to articulate them better. She has cited many real life cases and even from her own life to help one identify with what she says. There are also lots of resources she provides – books, websites and they are neatly organized again at the end of the book and which chapter it was quoted in, of course which earns her extra points in my book.  I like the fine balance Dr. Northup  strikes between mainstream medicine and holistic approach and acknowledges the importance of both sides. Every chapter gives an insight of women’s social conditioning and beliefs, which we carry forward without questioning.  I loved those sections the best.  Reading through this made me analyse a lot of my past, understand myself, question and analyse my own belief system, how my beliefs came to be, dissect them and work on changing my beliefs.

The reason I loved this book a lot, is the fact that apart from providing a wealth of information about female anatomy and working on women’s health (via nutrition, emotions, beliefs and lifestyle habits), it helped me work on my belief systems and develop a deeper understanding of myself. It is one of the factors which helped me change the way I view women, their bodies, feminine energy and myself.


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