A Simple Wedding

I often hear of so many women and families who end up  (women always have a choice to marry or not but we are conditioned to believe we have no choice) go ahead with marriages  they do not want to/like/not interested in and have to pay hefty dowries /gifts/money to the groom and the entire family.

Why? Family honour. What will people say? Shame.  Guilt.

The groom’s side often demands dowry and gifts conveniently after the wedding date is fixed and the cards are printed (I have seen this happen in real life). The girl’s family bows to the pressure as it is considered too late to call it off. What will people say if we call it off now?  Easier to go with their demands. People will say we were selfish to sacrifice our daughter’s happiness just for the sake of saving some money(What someone told me once)!

Would it solve a lot of these problems if we had a small simple wedding? No printed invites. Just a few close family members and very close friends.

Saves you money. Parents do not have to break their bank accounts or retirement funds to fund a wedding. A daughter is not a burden. Invite very few weddings. If the groom’s side counts on you wanting to save your honour and bow to their demands, this would not work here. You can cancel a wedding anytime. 500 people do not have to be informed. No wedding cards are printed Only people who love you and support you have to be informed. Then can the groom and his family cannot blackmail using social pressure.

Would it solve some of the problems – A simple low key wedding?


4 thoughts on “A Simple Wedding

  1. Wow no kidding. The problem is if you don’t invite your brother-in-law’s sister’s niece they will “feel bad”. I have heard this nonsense logic many times before. Also, sometimes it isn’t outright dowry demands that come after the wedding date has been set – sometimes mysterious customs of “gift-giving” start to appear “The bride’s mother has to give the groom a gold ring at this point of the ceremony e.t.c.”. I am planning on a no headache registry marriage HAHA.

    1. Hope you get it and have will to stand for it. People usually give into demands for a big wedding mainly when the pressure is from the guys side

    1. Yup, Most people from the west I have known have had such simple weddings with only their close friends and only how much the couple can afford. If they do hold big ones, it is for making money as everyone has to pay some amount as a wedding gift which offsets the cost of the wedding completely. The best one was one there was only 3 guests apart from the groom and bride. No parents from with er side 🙂

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