Why? – Roles but No Personality Edition

How can we expect a human being have no personality, desires and opinions of their own? Then isn’t a society that in name of culture and traditions imposes this on an entire gender perverted? Suppressing the most natural of human urges and expecting human to behave like cattle is one of the most perverted restricting acts a society could come up with and encourage and perpetuate.

“She has roles but no personality” – “Sita’s daughters: coming out of Purdah : the Rajput women of Khalapu”  revisited  by Leigh Minturn, Swaran Kapoor.

Isn’t that what we expect of our women? To be a dutiful daughter, an ideal Indian woman, an obedient DIL and wife, every sacrificing, never tiring, always working for the welfare of her husband, children and in laws? To be modest, chaste, humble, servile, never losing her temper, patient, loyal, chef, maid, cleaner….

(Also, do we not put men into certain roles also, not allowing them to express themselves, pursue a career they want, expecting them to be emotionally cold and distant?)

Is it correct to bear such unrealistic expectations? Why do we do that? Why do we perpetuate this instead of breaking the cycle? Why are we ignoring and allowing others to do the same? Why are we not speaking up against it when we are the ones harmed in the process?


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