What is Religion?

What is religion? It is an institution 

  1. used to control other people through guilt, shame, fear or obedience, to rule over politically, mentally and emotionally.
  2. creating an identity – What are you outside of your religion? What will you be if you realised that your god was not true at all? To create bonds between people of similar religion so that they can function as a cohesive unit for the unit’s benefit.
  3. of human’s attempt to explain the existence of man and nature none of which have done so successfully.
  4. that attempts to rule over other living beings or people by asserting your superiority.
  5. that attempts to rule over your natural urges.
  6. providing beacon of hope for some?
  7. to make you feel better about your life or to give you hope that it does not matter I you are in pain now, there is something better beyond this life, that you will be judged by someone/or you will pay by being born again on this earth?
  8. providing a criteria for filtering people for marriage 😛

There is a difference between living morally or religiously. Being religious does not automatically qualify you as someone who is moral/nice/ does good for others kind of person.

Disclaimer: It is my opinion and you may respectfully disagree; but I am entitled to think what I please as long as none of us force each other’s opinions down other’s throats.



One thought on “What is Religion?

  1. I have always felt that religion does not succeed in making people be their best, but could be a beacon of hope to those who are really vulnerable, unfortunately religion also makes exploitation of the vulnerable easier.

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