Share It If You Love India!!

I came across this photo being circulated on Facebook (lame, if you were to ask me, like a lot of other photos being shared on FB) which goes something like this :

A stupid joke on Indians and Pakistanis implying that one of them are inferior.

Share it if you love India.

Posted by someone and liked by a few more.

Sorry, it will not be on my wall ever and that does not mean I do not love my country. Loving my country does not mean that I have to hate some other country or its people.

This sort of growing nationalism among educated youth is disturbing and it is not restricted to our country alone.

  • Why does forging our identity mean we have to do it with hating someone else? Why not by loving someone else?
  • Why does loving something mean that we hate something else immediately? I can be neutral/not be bothered by its existence.
  • Why does someone winning mean that the other person has to lose? Why can’t we all win?
  • Why does love have to be proved by putting someone else down? Is it even love?

How many people who posted this even have known a person from the other country well? Interacted with them? They are people like us. Normal. With problems. With Joy. With families. Just because some portions of the populations and political parties instigate hate to promote their own vested interests, we cannot let our emotions sway with them.

What is the point if we are not rational? We have enough hate in this world. We do not need anymore.

Everybody is a person just like us. Stop judging/putting down people based on their country or where they were born because none of us chose it.




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