What If We….

What if women collectively – 

  • refused to give dowry?
  • refused to cook just because we are meant to?
  • refused to wear only traditional clothes?
  • refused to put up with sexual harassment?
  • decided to get married, if we wanted to, to who we wanted to and when we wanted to?
  • refused to be treated without respect just because we are women in a relationship/marriage?
  • refused to put up with an inefficient judiciary and police which blames the victims?
  • refused to blame victims of crime because they are women?
  • gave up on false ideas of modesty in name of culture/tradition/religion?
  • refused to follow rules of patriarchy?
  • refused to let the society’s rules and other opinions dictate our lives?
  • refused to do sex selective abortion because the society/family demands a son?
  • raised our children with equal love and freedom irrespective of their gender?
  • refused to say ” I am a woman. I have no choice but to put up with this. I have to sacrifice myself for my family/society.”
  • broke our mental chains which keep us bound to rules and regulations that do not help us progress?
  •  set ourselves free?

Wouldn’t the world be a much better place?Wouldn’t it take away a lot of pressure on us? Wouldn’t we be more free? 

What have you done to set yourself free today?


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