Spicy Vegetables

I ordered ‘spicy vegetables’ dish for dinner last night at a vegetarian stall and what do I get? Enough to disappoint and I am obliged to raise awareness about vegetarians and the food they eat.

  • Do not call a dish spicy and when the dish taste more salty than spicy.
  • If the name of the dish is spicy vegetables, the dish must consist of 90% vegetables. Few small pieces of carrots and very little greens do not count as 90% vegetable dish.
  • Vegetarians may eat mushrooms but they do not constitute the entire spectrum of vegetarian food. You order vegetarian pasta, you get mushroom pasta!
  • Mock meat does not count as vegetable.
  • Deep fried tofu is definitely not a vegetable

Since I complained, do not tell me to start eating meat 😀


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