Blasphemy – 1

Dissecting what we are fed in the name of religion, one verse at a time…

I have nothing against religious teachings but certain statements made by some people in the name of interpretation of our scriptures are well, disagreeable.

I used to follow ISKCON couple of years ago as I had their books and considered their version of Bhagvad Gita quite good as it had Sanskrit verses, meaning of each word, translation of the verse and then an explanation given by Prabhupada. As I went through some of his explanations, I could see through the extremism  and sexism oozing out of the explanations and it made me uncomfortable. I stopped reading the explanations from then on and stuck to the original verse from then on coupled with my own interpretations. Let’s just say I have found better versions from then on.

SB 3.31.41, purport  Prabhupada: A woman’s attachment to her husband may elevate her to the body of a man in her next life, but a mans attachment to woman will degrade him, and in his next life he will get the body of a woman.

Letter to Disciple — 23rd October, 1972: Another item is, you are married wife, so in that position you should serve your husband nicely, always being attentive to his needs, and in this way, because he is always absorbed in serving Krishna, by serving your husband you will also get Krishna, through him.

Okay, if that is the case,

  1. Does it mean  that most Indian women are devoted to their husbands/other men ( like fathers, brothers, teachers etc) as male population in India is definitely higher than those of women?
  2. Does it mean that men should not be devoted to their mothers/sisters/wives because it will lead to their downfall? So basically according to the statistics, most men 2-3 generations ago were not devoted to their women. No wonder, the population of women is decreasing!
  3. So basically, in India, it is more desirable to be a man. I can see that given that they are given so much more privileges. So all you women out there, be devoted to men and your status may be elevated in next life because you cannot attain enlightenment on your own anyway. Only through a man.
  4. No wonder our society every woman wants to get married and stay married. Or my soul is damned! Who cares how you end up in this life as long as we save our souls. Nice try to make us stay in marriages with lousy men.
  5. So I should suffer in this life because I am a woman, in a bad marriage in hope to attaining enlightenment. Duh.

If these are the kind of religious teachings we are exposed to, well, we truly are in deep shit.


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