The story of a haircut…..

Haven’t we all heard this before?

  1. Do not leave your hair open! Only homeless destitute (prostitutes) woman do that. Tie up your hair!
  2. You are getting married in 2 months. Do not cut your hair short.
  3. You are married. You cannot cut your hair short now.
  4. You cannot try new funky hairstyles now that you are married.
  5. Do not comb your hair after it grows dark. Only ghosts do that or some spirits will come and get you.
  6. Never ever wash your hair or leave it open after the sun sets. Only ghosts leave their hair open at night.
  7. A proper traditional woman has hair till her hips, properly oiled and braided.

Reminder: To all you women out there – Your body is not your own. The society shall decide what to do with it.


5 thoughts on “Haircut

  1. Wow it is so strange how there is so much variation in Indian customs – I never heard of this no washing or brushing hair after sunset. So arbitrary. But yeah a girl having short hair is viewed as a negative. Once when I was younger my mum made me get a “boy cut”, and I remember one of her friends asking her if my father was okay with my hair being so short. Don’t know if you’ve noticed this but there is also a strong bias towards straight hair. I have very curly hair, and I or my mum always brushed it out when I was younger for that lovely frizz bomb look. I also got lots of unsolicited advice to brush my hair a hundred times a day for straight hair + other useless tips. Eventually I figured out how to make my curls look nice (clue: do not brush hair a hundred times a day), but even now I get told that my hair looks “messy” or that i should try relaxing or straightening my hair!!

    P.S If there’s any curly girls reading this google ” the curly girl method”. I don’t follow it exactly (I use baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair) but it def. made me look at my curls in a positive light!

  2. U seems to read my thoughts, all ur posts are those which I someday want to blog:-D

    We bongs has this ‘tradition’ that we do not cut or trim hair for one year after marriage…but needless to say that applies to bride only!!!
    When I asked my MIL abt this she gave confusing answers but my FIL took a stand and said that if DIL is not allowed to cut hair then he won’t allow his son as well.. šŸ™‚

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