Arranged Marriage

I love this comic from tambhram rage which depicts the true case in modern India regarding arranged marriages. Brilliant I say and I love this comic the most of all their comics.  Applicable to most middle class modern Indians 🙂

Catch 22.5 – You can have all the freedom you want as long as you use it in a way we approve of

Catch 22.51 – You always have the choice to pick from the options we give you

Glossary for people who do not understand Tamil

Tambhram – Tamilian Bhramin
Yendi – Why/Hey
Appa- Dad
Namma – our
Vaaya moodu – shut up
Maappillai – Son in law
Iyengar and Vadakalai – subcaste and sub-subcaste under Tambhrams
Namba aam – our house

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