Should we listen to our society?

One of my friends is living as a paying guest with an Indian family with 3 kids. The guy’s parents in law were staying over for the past month and they always criticize the Daughter in Law. When the argument escalated, and the DIL talked back, her husband started slapping her and kicking her in full view of his parents, three kids and even kicked her when she was holding her 8 months old baby in the arms. This he claimed because she was disrespectful to his parents.

This goes against what our society indoctrinates women with:

  1. Having a son does not ensure a good position/ respect in the family -The third child is a son, whom the wife had on her in laws’/ husband’s insistence as the first two children are girls. So, you are not going to be treated with respect because you bore them a son
  2. Education/ money/ living aboard do not ensure respect – They are quite well off and have been abroad for years.
  3. Working/not working according to your husband’s wish does not ensure happiness (in this case) or does doing things always according to your spouse’s wishes.
  4. Women have to adjust no matter what. If we are obedient enough, your husband will treat you nicely. Leaving is never an option for her as she has 4 unmarried sisters who will be affected if she went back.

Society interferes only on whom and how you marry and ensure that you stay married, but never when you are in deep shit in the marriage. Should we be listening to/ be bothered by such a a society at all?


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