Clothes Before and After Marriage

Have you ever observed how Bollywood actresses move effortlessly from western clothes to wearing traditional clothes like a true blue bharitiya nari without a grimace the moment they fall in love/get engaged/married? How they managed to do it is beyond me as I cannot even imagine giving up what I wear just for marriage.

Notice how Madhuri has spot on imagination on what she going to be wearing after marriage even though she is in western clothes the first half of the movie till the wedding.

See Kajol’s clothes when she was in college and how she get a whole new traditional wardrobe when she is engaged to Salman Khan.

Watch how Madhuri’s clothes change from western clothes when single, to predominantly Indian ones, when she is engaged/married to Aamir Khan in Dil.

Also, how in most movies, the actress is haughty and is tamed by the actor is another post for another day šŸ™‚



4 thoughts on “Clothes Before and After Marriage

  1. And that also reminds me. We belong to a community where there are few signs of marriage. Women wear a thali and a ring(traditionally). Not even a sindoor is mandatory, and I haven’t seen many in my mum’s generation wearing it. But these days, you can see newly married women, all decked up, in Bollywood’s(and the soaps on telly’s) idea of how a woman must look after marriage.

    1. What about metti? Bangles? Pottu? Don’t our parents go about saying even for unmarried girls – Why are you going bare necked/hands/forehead? Where is your bangles?chain? pottu?

  2. And so many young women believe it and try to conform to it! Even educated, smart women, who think they need to ‘dress the part’! Not to mention those who expect it from their wives, daughter-in-laws, etc. Sigh!

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